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A Dreamy Sleepover Experience


A Dream Big Tents sleepover provides a dreamy experience for your child and their friends. Each child will chat, giggle, and hopefully dream a little in their personal tent which includes a soft mattress with protective cover and sheet, breakfast tray with glowing lantern, fun decorative pillows, plush blanket, fairy lights, bunting and more.


We take away the stress of hosting a slumber party because Dream Big Tents delivers, sets up, and styles parties for your child and their friends to enjoy overnight. We’ll return the following day to breakdown and collect the items leaving you with no mess to clean up. Our slumber parties provide a truly unique experience and special memories.


Choose A Theme

You have a choice of various themes tailored to create a dreamy sleepover experience. There are more in the works!


Packages & Pricing

Dream Big Tents delivers, sets-up, and styles. We swoop in the next day and collect it. Leaving you without the clean-up. 

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